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Nix Package Manager in Production

In our quest to create the world’s greatest development suite we think long and hard about how to make the best tools, offering the greatest value, with the least complexity possible, to our users. But we are all products of our environment, and our tools too are products of theirs. So, in an effort to support them, we investigated the best way to create the perfect environment for our tools, which in turn creates the best environment for our users.

After taking that step back and analysing the contenders, one solution stood out above all others: Nix Package Manager.

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Setup your own Git & Mercurial server with RhodeCode

If you ever needed an own in-house Git or Mercurial server with a nice graphical frontend, powerful code review, user permissions and online editing capabilities then RhodeCode Enterprise is something for you.

RhodeCode Enterprise is free up to 20 users, written in Python and the leading open source system to manage Git & Mercurial repositories in teams up to 1000+ users.

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